My name is Allen Holloway and I’m a part-time NEW Blogger. Part-time because, well because I am new at this and I have other jobs one of which as you might tell from the picture is music.  

From school to contributor to blogger!

In 2007 I finished graduate school; no it did not have anything to do with writing, well, except for the thesis. There was much learned and it was a great experience but I found I had a voice, much to my surprise some people liked to read what I had to say. As fate would have it a friend convinced me to write something for a web-site. It was received quite well and I was asked to continue contributing. After several articles I was asked to start a blog and voilà here we are!

What I write about is adventure, because I’ve always been the adventurous type. Racing schools (cars) riding motorcycles, heli-skiing to the front row of the rollercoaster to traveling abroad (without a clear destination or reservation in hand); I’ve always been fond of it all. Food, well come on, its food! Who doesn’t like food?  We all know there are great places to dine, some are upscale and some, well not so much but as long as it tastes good I’m there. Lastly, there is music which is near and dear to my heart and if you don’t know now you will, I definitely have opinions on it all.

This is all in the spirit of sharing experiences and information and it’s not one sided. If you like what you read let me know. If you disagree or have another point of view I am interested. Equally important, if you have a suggestion on a topic, place, and or thing don’t be shy. I’ve been around but I certainly haven’t seen everything. Lastly, if anything I write becomes the impetus for you to try, well then I have been successful!

 I hope you enjoy the articles and I hope it moves you to try something therein.

NOTE (to access articles, please select available topics adventure/food/music most all include destinations of some type)


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